Monday, November 08, 2010

Framing Fanatic

Over the years of garage sale-ing, antiquing, thrifting, etc, I have gathered quite the collection of fun old frames. My dad even has people dropping them off at his auto shop to bring home for me. Now I just need more walls.

Here are some of the besties put to good use:

This is a collabo with Josh- we both drew and painted this masterpiece a year ago.

This is an amazing garage sale find. Its pretty huge, about 3' x 4'. AND its velvet folks.

Josh put this puzzle together and also coloured in the missing pieces. Thank YOU Crayola!

This frame is a beauty. We painted our own chalkboard so that we can keep track of all of those important life things that you often forget if they aren't written down.
You know. Like Skeletons.


Irma Kniivila said...

Bone Daddy!

There's something so great, so great about that!!

Anonymous said...


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