Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Sometimes instead of actually sleeping, I just paint it instead.
So...this is just something 'nice' to round out all of the vulger/crude/dark things I have been dabbling into lately. Something for Mom.

PS Ive been really getting into cosmic-y spacey intergalactic night skies.
What fun!


liu liu said...

omg, nice choice to put the night sky on his blanket, VERY NICE TO LOOK AT! makes me feel like i'm eating mint vanilla ice cream

liu liu said...
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Earwig said...

this is excellent!
keep up the awesome!

Bennett Slater said...

there are too few cute animals in this picture... can you put a... dammit, you've already got one... nevermind.

Erika said...

the dog and his bone, aawwwww